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Did you know that there are literally Hundreds of people living in your local community who are being denied Social Security Disability Benefits each month? Claimants often experience a myriad of problems through the Federal Disability Service Claim Application Process. Our team of professionals provides information and services for persons in need of assistance when filing for Social Security Disability (SSA) or Service-Connected Disability Compensation (Federal VA).


Typically, most non-COOFIA Attorneys who advertise, rarely pursue your claim if your claim is denied after an Administrative Law Judge Hearing. So, when your claim becomes time-consuming and costly, most Attorneys will decide if they wish to continue representing you as their Client. Most won’t. They may advise you to seek other counsel, but the majority of attorneys will only appeal a case in federal court if they represented the claimant at the Administrative Law Judge Hearing.


If you find that your case has been in-fact dropped by your previous Attorney, contact our office. We maintain a list of Attorneys, committed to social justice, who work with claimant cases that the large firms simply discard. Or better still, call us first: We assist our clients with all levels of appeals, from the initial claim filing all the way to the United States Supreme Court. In rare cases, we will also file for an investigation with the Office of the Regional Chief Administrative Law Judge for Social Security claims if there is direct evidence of administrative law judge bias or misconduct.


The California Office Of Federal Insurance Advocacy (COOFIA) provides helpful information and advice for persons applying for their Social Security Disability Benefits. You are invited to visit our websites and pick up helpful information, such as how to complete required forms, or determine when you really need an Advocate or an Attorney. Learn more about filing for Social Security Disability: What to do before you file your Claim, and what to do after your Application has been Denied. Contact us today for help with your claim for Social Security or Veterans disability benefits.