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COOFIA Board of Directors

COOFIA - Organization


Board of Directors - COOFIA Board Membership


Dr. Zabian Crosby, D.H.Ed. Board Chairman



Administration - Program Volunteers


Emory Long, J.D.


Disability Services Director/ Advocate / Claim Representative


Mark Stuart Vaughan, B.A. MOD


Disability Technologies Analyst


Robert A. Points


Clerk, Family and Civil Services


June Waara (Elite Document Services)


Legal Document Assistant (LDA) Financial Services and Planning, TransAmerica


John Paul Sawtell (Elite Document Services)


Process Server/LDA


Grace Solis


Licensed Private Investigator


Ray Garcia


State of California EDD, Retired

Disabled Veterans Representative (DVOP) / Veterans Rights Advocate

About Disability Fraud

According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), less than 1% of all disability payments can be attributed to fraud. Up to 65% of all initial claims for Social Security Disability payments are denied. Less than 5% of all claims appealed in federal court are reversed. The Central California Valley has the highest denial rate of claims in the United States: Fresno, California has only a 44% approval rate at the Administrative Law Judge Hearing (touted as the stage with the best chance of winning a claim). And, of all administrative law judges in Central California, ALJ William C. Thompson, Jr., has the lowest approval rate of them all- less than 30% of the cases brought before Judge Thompson are approved for benefits...